Multifuction Cable Lockout - Thin Cable - MFL-3

With 1m x 3mm PVC coated steel cable
Thin Cable LockoutThin Cable Lockout
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Thin Cable Lockout
Part No: MFL-3

What is it:

Multi Function Cable Lockout Devices have many applications.  Lockout Gate Valves, multiple electrical points, steering wheels, or use it where Scissor Hasp won't fit.
Application: Thread cable end through device to be locked, then through the Lockout Device continue until the cable is tight, close the device and place up to 4 padlocks and tags as needed.
Use for: Where a thin cable is needed for Small Holes
Material: Nylon Plastic with PVC coated Steel Wire
Dimensions: 90mm long (red piece), 1m PVC coated steel wire.  Cable 3mm outside diameter.
Padlock Holes:    4 x 8mm
Colour: Red with Clear coated steel cable
Pack Sizes: Hang Pack of 1
Stock: Yes - Buderim, Queensland Australia
Other: May not be suitable for devices with 5mm or larger holes



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Multifuction Cable Lockout - Thin Cable - MFL-3
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