11,000 Volts

Available in Poly, Metal and Coreflute
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POLY: Polypropylene 1.4mm UV stable
MTL: Metal 0.8mm Colourbond Steel
SL: Self Adhesive Label
Available sizes: 600x450 POLY  121032
600x450 MTL    120932
450x300 POLY  120732
450X300 MTL    120532
300X225 POLY  120332
300X225 MTL    120032
200X150 SL      121332 (label only)
Other: All POLY and MTL signs have rounded corners and mounting holes.
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Product Name Description Price with GST Quantity
Danger 11,000 Volts200 x 150mm Self Adhesive label
Danger 11,000 Volts300 x 225mm Metal
Danger 11,000 Volts600 x 4500mm Poly
11,000 Volts
Danger 11,000 Volts600 x 450mm Metal
Danger 11,000 Volts450 x 300mm Poly
Danger 11,000 Volts450 x 300mm Metal
Danger 11,000 Volts300 x 225mm Poly
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