Cover for Circuit Breakers

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Part No: CBCL
What is it: Cover for DIN-Rail mounted 18/45mm circuit breakers.
Application: Clamp onto DIN-Rail using small screwdriver.
Use for:
Terminal cover for Circuit Breakers or equipement. Can also support Cirlock System Lockout Devices for Circuit Breakers.
White or Clear PVC
Dimensions: Made to suit 
Padlock Holes: Not Applicable
White or Clear PVC
Pack Sizes: Single
Stock: Yes - Buderim, Queensland Australia
1 unit consists of 2 Stand Off Brackets (SOB-CB) and 2 PVC L Shaped covers. Can be supplied in any length up to 1.2m

Cover for Circuit Breaker

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Cover for Circuit Breakers
Cover for Circuit Breaker2 to 27 Pole in White
Cover for Circuit Breaker28 to 54 Pole in White
Cover for Circuit Breaker55 to 72 Pole in White
Cover for Circuit Breakers2 to 27 Pole in Clear
Cover for Circuit Breakers28 to 54 Pole in Clear
Cover for Circuit Breakers55 to 72 Pole in Clear
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