50mm NYLON Shackle Safety Lockout Padlock - KEYED ALIKE - Light Weight

Strong Xenoy housing with Nylon Non-Conductive Shackle.
SLP-550 series padlockSLP-550 series padlock
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Part No: SLP-550-series

What is it:

Safety Lockout Lock
Application: Various
Use for: Locking out energy sources
Material: Plastic Body and Nylon Non-Conductive Shackle
Dimensions: 38 x 19mm house - 5 x 50mm shackle
Padlock Holes:    N/A
Colour: Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, White, Black and Purple
Pack Sizes: Hang Pack of 1
Stock: Yes - Buderim, Queensland Australia
Keyed Alike
One key per lock supplied standard. 
Can be supplied with Logo or Name Label for an additional fee.
Key Retaining
Additional Padlocks can be added at a later date.
Please note: Key NOT electrically insulated from the shackle
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50mm NYLON Shackle Safety Lockout Padlock - KEYED ALIKE - Light Weight
SLP-550-GRN-KASafety Padlock - Non Conductive - GREEN - KEYED ALIKE
SLP-550-RED-KASafety Padlock - Non Conductive - RED - KEYED ALIKE
SLP-550-YLW-KASafety Padlock - Non Conductive - YELLOW - KEYED ALIKE
SLP-550-BLK-KASafety Padlock - Non Conductive - BLACK - KEYED ALIKE
SLP-550-ORJ-KASafety Padlock - Non Conductive - ORANGE - KEYED ALIKE
SLP-550-WHI-KASafety Padlock - Non Conductive - WHITE - KEYED ALIKE
SLP-550-BLU-KASafety Padlock - Non Conductive - BLUE - KEYED ALIKE
SLP-550-PRP-KASafety Padlock - Non Conductive - PURPLE - KEYED ALIKE
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