Lockout Station - Large - LST-3

20 Padlocks
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Large Lockout Station contains:
20        Lockout Padlocks - SLP-150 series
25        Do Not Operate Tags
25        Out of Service Tags
3          SLH-30 Lockout Hasps Stainless Steel red poly coating
3          UCL-1 Universal Lockout Device for Miniature Breakers
3          UCL-2 Universal Lockout Device for Moulded Case Circuit Breakers
3          UFL-2 Universal Lockout Device for Fuse Holder
1          UCL-2-EL Lockout Device for short toggle Circuit Breaker
1          UCL-5 Universal Lockout Device for Large Circuit Breakers
1          MFL-2 Multifunction Cable Lockout Device
1          PLD-1 Plug and Air Hose Lockout Device
Dimensions:  300 x 500mm
Also available as Base Only - No Parts included.  Catalogue Number LST-BASE3

 LST with Lid open
 LST-3L Lockout Station WITH LID includes above items but with 15 padlocks NOT 20
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Product Name Description Price with GST Quantity
LST-3Large Lockout Station with accessories
LST-3LLarge Lockout Station with LID includes Accessories - 15 Padlocks only
Lockout Station - Large - LST-3
LST-3-450Large Lockout Station With SLP-450 Padlocks
LST-3BASELarge Lockout Station Base Unit Only - No accessories
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