Plug and Hose Lockout Bag - PLD-1

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Part No: PLD-1
What is it: Plug Lockout Bag
Application: Place Electrical Plug or Hose End in bag, tighten closing cord around plug cable/hose, with the attached cord hasp. Close cord hasp and place padlock and tag in hole provided.
Use for: 240v plugs, air hoses and small plugs.
Material: Heavy Duty Vinyl
Dimensions: 130mm x 150mm
Padlock Holes: 4
Colour: Yellow
Pack Sizes: Hang Pack of 1
Stock: Yes - Buderim, Queensland Australia
Other: Extra cables available in lengths of: 2m (MFL-SC2), 6m (MFL-SC6) and 15m (MFL-SC15)


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Plug and Hose Lockout Bag - PLD-1
Plug and Hose Lockout Bag - PLD-1Pack of 1
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