5S Tag Holder

5S Station - Organise your Workplace - Just Red Tag it!
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Part No: 5S-STH-2 (Tags)   5S-STH-3 (Stickers)

What is it: Red Tag Holder

Application: To ensure that the 5S's are used in your workplace to keep processes lean - Just Red Tag it!

Use for: Organisation and Process control

Material: High Vis Yellow Plastic

Material of Tags: Cardboard with string attached (no grommet).  Also available as stickers (no strings).

Dimensions of Tags and stickers: 175 x 90mm

Colour: Yellow

Pack Sizes: Single

Stock: Yes - Buderim, Queensland Australia

Other: Can be custom made upon request

At Cirlock, we practice lean manufacturing, it has helped us to ensure the best prices for our products, simply because we waste less time and materials. Our New uncomplicated 5S system available that you can use so you too can deal with the waste and increase productivity.

Our simple 5S system helps you to sort your area out, mark unwanted items with a red tag and place them into a marked area where they can be dealt with.  Our larger version also includes a checklist so you team can mark off when they have tidied the area as a continual best practice measure.  All you have to do is ensure it is kept up.

The 5S system originated in Japan, and the 5 S’s are Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardise and Sustain.

We also have a larger version with a clipboard for your checklist available.

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5S Tag Holder
5S-STH-25S Tag Holder - single compartment includes 10 x 5S Tags.
5S-STH-35S Tag Holder - single compartment includes 10 x 5S stickers
293408 5S Stickers only (no Base) - Refill pack of 10
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